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My name is Justin McKenzie – I’m a fully qualified Driver Trainer / Coach. My job as a driver trainer / coach is to help people develop a life skill. Enabling you to drive a vehicle skilfully and develop your thought processes.

I use coaching techniques rather than spoon feeding information. Asking you thought provoking questions which helps you work things out for yourself.

Why do I coach driving this way?

– You retain the information

– You can assess potential hazards

– You can defuse any safety critical moments

Safe driving for life is of the utmost importance. It’s my passion and I also support the “Drive Safer for Longer” campaign, which is run by Drivesafe.

I qualified in September 1994 and set up I-drivesafe in the same year. I am fully insured, DBS checked (I always carry the documentation with me) and DVSA Standards Check – Grade A

I offer other types of services as well:

Lessons for drivers who have already passed their test:

If you’re looking to gain more confidence in your driving ability I can help. It could be you’re looking for motorway or country road experience in which case I can offer advanced driving techniques. I also take older drivers out and help them learn about new laws and regulations. This is incredibly important these days because they change frequently. As a driver we are always learning.

Fleet Driver Training and Risk Assessments:

I go to businesses and do a risk assessment of their drivers. Which can help companies reduce vehicle maintenance through wear and tear, fuel bills and even insurance costs. Part of this process can include driver behaviour assessments. I’ll spend a couple of hours out with the driver and then provide a report to the employer.

DVSA Fleet Registered | RoSPA (Royal Society of prevention of accidents) Gold qualification | RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving and Coaching

Driver Trainers:

I offer a “standards training check” service to other driver trainers before they are assessed.

I also offer free advice if anyone is looking for a Driver Trainer. It’s a bit of a minefield out there, so I can educate people about the industry. Not all Driver trainers are the same. They all are Graded and have different qualifications. So, please get in touch and I’ll gladly help. I am myself trained as a trainer.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Digital Annie says:

    Justin is my driving instructor – something I never imagined I would say. On the other side of 40, I believed no one would be able to get me past my anxiousness to drive. But you know what Justin is just amazing. He’s been so calm with me taking it a step at a time and within a couple of lessons I was driving home from the lesson. I love his approach more driving coach than instructor. Suits me down to the ground. No hesitation in recommending Justin to anyone.

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