There are many benefits to joining the Gossip Girls network. We often get asked the same questions before members sign up with us, so we have tried to answer the most popular below.
If your question isn’t answered then please let us know and we will get right back to you.


What is the UK Gossip Girl Business directory? keyboard_arrow_down close

The UK Gossip Girl business directory is a website that is dedicated to promoting and supporting local women in business and charities.

Who can join? keyboard_arrow_down close

Membership is open to women only who run their own businesses or who work in business.

My husband owns a decorating business can I join on his behalf? keyboard_arrow_down close

Yes by acting as his representative. Only women can sign up, however you can represent your husbands/partners/family members male owned business.

How much will it cost? keyboard_arrow_down close

There are 2 packages available:

Privilege £25 per month or Platinum package £75 per month – Full details of our packages can be found on our packages page

How can I pay? keyboard_arrow_down close

We can take payments by the following methods. Payments can be made in full or monthly by standing order, pay pal, credit/debit card

What benefits are there to joining, I am only a small independent business? keyboard_arrow_down close

By signing up and attending our networking meetings you will have the opportunity to promote your business to our members. You will benefit from referrals and will be able to promote your business on our social media accounts. The directory will be shared regularly with our members on our social media accounts. Just read our testimonials which are evidence of how many small businesses have benefited from advertising and networking with us.
These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Generation of referrals/Increased revenue
  • Opportunities
  • Connections
  • Advice from like-minded women in business
  • Raising your profile

Positive Influence

I currently advertise on the Gossip Girl facebook group can I still do this? keyboard_arrow_down close

Moving forward we are restricting business advertising on our social media accounts to those who sign up to our business directory

Can I attend the networking events if I don’t sign up? keyboard_arrow_down close

Our networking events will continue to be open to all women in business subject to availability. By signing up you will be guaranteed an invite to all our events. A separate charge is payable for these events.

How do I join? keyboard_arrow_down close

Decide on the package which most suits your needs and click on the link which will take you to the application form.

Can I cancel my agreement? keyboard_arrow_down close

Once you have signed the agreement after 12 month’s the agreement may be cancelled by giving one month’s notice.

I work for a charity can we sign up? keyboard_arrow_down close

We will be listing charities for free and giving them the option to share their events regularly.

What information about my business will show on the directory? keyboard_arrow_down close

Full details about our packages can be found in the main body of the email you have received

Will my customers be able to review my business? keyboard_arrow_down close

We are planning to introduce a review facility in the very near future.

If you have any additional questions please contact us

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