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Cheadle, Stockport

Ambiance care was borne from my own personal journey with dementia and time as a social worker working with people and families living with dementia.

In both, I experienced first-hand the real gaps in understanding and experience in supporting people with dementia, the difficulties that arise from this and the wider impact it has on carers and families who often feel overwhelmed in their caring role and at breaking point.

Living with dementia can be an incredibly hard and lonely experience for both the person and their family and that as dementia progresses, people usually need more support, and with this can come a feeling of loss of independence.

What doesn’t change though is a person’s feeling and their wish to remain connected with family and friends, choice and controlFundamental to us all is the need to ‘belong’ somewhere or to feel we are deeply connected to someone or something.

At Ambiance care we understand the feelings that come with a dementia diagnosis and the not knowing where to turn to, the changes that take place as a person’s dementia advances and how best to respond.

We recognise that dementia is a progressive, specialist field and by design, places people living with dementia at the heart of our service. We genuinely value people’s uniqueness, focusing on what a person still has and not what they have lost.

Knowing what is important to the person enables us to encourage and support them to continue to engage in activities that are meaningful, maintain relationships and connected in the community.

Ambiance Care at Home

For those with dementia, there is nowhere more comforting than the home they know. It is where they store their memories, as well as where they keep their things. It is a part of who they are and where they should be able to stay and live their life the way they have always done. We are passionate in our belief that with the right combination of care and support most people with dementia can.

To provide quality care our visits are a minimum one hour, this ensures there is always time to do things without feeling rushed.

We offer

Companionship, Personal care, Home Help, Respite, Palliative and End of life care

Ambiance Advice

Despite there being a network of advice and support available carers often report of not knowing who to turn to for the right information at a time when they are facing a number of challenges caring for their loved one and the impact on their own life.

Arranging social care can be a challenge. From knowing where to start, what type of care and support you or loved one needs and who pays for it. The care system can be complicated and difficult to find your way through, but you are not on your own We Are Here to help you through the process.

Drawing upon our wealth of expertise and associated experience we offer professional impartial advice to help families travelling the dementia journey to become better informed, connect with services that best meets their needs and through the process experience HOPE.

The service is led by an Independent Social Worker registered with Social Work England, with over 15 years’ experience of working in local authority settings.

Some of the topic areas we cover are;

Navigating some of the experience’s dementia may present, that you may find difficult and challenging, possible reasons and practical solutions.

Practical advice in a range of topics including financial support you or the person may be entitled to, equipment and assistive technology.

Simplify social services and NHS access to funded care, processes involved and charges that may apply.

Power of Attorney – Capacity and Best Interests

Remember you are not on your own, we have travelled the journey too and are here to help you.


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