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Aimee Hurlston Fitness and Nutrition

Cheadle and surrounding areas

My name is Aimee and I have been working in the health and fitness industry for more than 12 years. I have always had a passion for fitness and I continually train to expand the services I can offer to my clients. I run community fitness classes on a pay as you go basis in Cheadle Hulme, personal training from my home studio and as a certified nutritional therapist, life coach and breath work coach, I can support you across various elements of your life to help you get the best out of your transformational journey – not just a quick change in diet and exercise.  I’ll help you to discover what you enjoy and show you how to find balance, meaning your results are maintained long term and not just for now.

COMMUNITY FITNESS CLASSES – No membership required, based in Cheadle Hulme
My fitness classes are music-led to help lift your mood, keep you motivated, de-stress and inject some fun into your workout, without it feeling like ‘hard work’. Routines are exciting and easy to follow and whether you enjoy dancing, boxing or strength training, there is something for you! Beginners and advanced levels welcome, my classes can be modified to suit your fitness ability and there is no pressure to be perfect. As long as you are moving, sweating and having fun, that’s all that matters and yes – you can get results from a fitness class and so much more!

50% off your first fitness class with me with code WELCOME50

 Add the code at the checkout when booking your class on my website – the code can be used for an in person or online class.

ONLINE PAY AS YOU GO WORKOUTS – Book as and when via my website

If you’re not ready to join a fitness class in person, all of the workouts I offer are online and can be purchased on a pay as you go or weekly basis, meaning you can take part in your very own at home class at a time that suits you! Get familiar with the routines and build up confidence to join us in person, fit in a workout around work and family or simply enjoy some YOU time.  These online workouts are flexible to suit your lifestyle and you can choose anything from Zumba to Latin and ballroom fitness, boxing to weight training and chair based body conditioning to flexibility workouts. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is something for you to enjoy!


PERSONAL TRAINING – Based at my home studio in the Cheadle area

Alongside the traditional methods of personal training which I design specifically to suit your goals and lifestyle, I work hard to help you break the cycles that you’re stuck in rather than trying to overhaul your lifestyle from the outset. My clients are successful long term because we take the time to make subtle changes and tweaks that they can maintain. How many times have you jumped into joining a slimming club, halved your calorie intake and increased to 7 days a week of exercise from none only to find that once you reach your goal you have nowhere to go, slowly old habits start to creep back in along with the weight gain? You’re not the only one.


The easiest part of making healthier changes for the long term is actually the diet and exercise adjustments. The hardest part is overcoming your barriers and that’s where along with fitness my support comes in. I’ll be the coach you need me to be, offering different perspectives to your life and ideas along with invaluable knowledge that will help you adapt successfully at home to achieve your goals and see results.

As a certified Nutritional Therapist, you will also benefit from a personalised nutritional programme whether you join me on a one to one or duo basis. I can also work with dietary requirements if needed. Don’t worry though, I won’t be overhauling your diet – I’ll simply teach you how to eat the foods you enjoy to benefit you, how to take accountability for your choices without being hard on yourself and I’ll show you how to find guilt free balance. Life really can’t be all or nothing and it shouldn’t have to be. Wouldn’t it feel good to never have to go on a restricted diet again?

If you’d like to discuss personal training with me, please get in touch. I love seeing my clients succeed and being a part of their journey makes it all the more special. Maybe it’s time to start yours with me.




If you’re struggling with switching off that chatterbox in your head, have poor sleep or spend most days fighting with stress and anxiety, then join me for a SOMA Breath Meditation from my home studio. In a small group, you’ll experience the fusion of brainwave music therapy with rhythmic breathing that will support better sleep quality and turn off the noise in your head. Those who have joined my sessions will tell you that afterwards their headspace is empty, they feel calm and they have their best sleep that night and beyond.

However you decide to join me, we are a welcoming, unfiltered and unedited community of real people who are juggling the stresses of the everyday work/life balance.  My aim is to give you a mental escape during your workout and increased physical, emotional and nutritional knowledge, helping you to achieve the results and goals you set yourself. The best part of my job is knowing how much being a part of my clients lives means to them and watching their successes unfold right in front of their eyes. Exercise and nutrition doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive and with my support, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to!





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