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What is Remedial Massage:
It is a massage in the form of rehabilitation of an injured body part, this massage does not only bring relaxation, but benefits for your health and well being, many of the effects of this treatment may surprise you.

With such definition and distinction of massage therapy, the next question you can ask is this …

Can I go and have a Remedial massage session, even if I do not have an injury?

Yes you can! You do not have to hurt yourself or feel any strong pain anywhere in your body to do a session. Remember, remedial massage will not only provide relaxation; goes beyond relieving pains of your body.

Some Benefits of Massage:
– Relieving tension and muscle pain
– Improved blood circulation, skin elasticity and immune system
– Elimination of toxins and metabolic waste
– Increases the range of motion of the joints
– General relaxation and anxiety reduction

Several other treatments are offered by the therapist, such as:

* India Head Massage
* lymphatic Drainage
* Remedial Massage + ultrasound therapy and infrared
– neck and shoulder
– Back
– Hip
– foot and ankle

These Treatments will help to improve conditions including :
* Fibromyalgia
* Arthritis
* Aches, pains and joint problems
* Sprains & Strains
* Stress & Anxiety

Just give a call and I am sure I can find the best treatment for you


Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Rachael says:

    I have been suffering with lower back pain and I went to Simone for a remedial back massage. I had the most amazing massage and she managed to pin point the problem.
    The room was lovely and warm, with relaxing music, a truly relaxing environment .
    Simone is lovely and I highly recommend to anyone. I will be booking in again!

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