Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

4-6 Enterprise Way Wavertree Technology Park Liverpool L13 1FB

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the only UK charity wholly dedicated to defeating lung cancer. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.


Lung cancer is the UK’s biggest cancer killer – in both men and women. It kills more people than breast, colo-rectal and prostate cancer combined and yet receives only 6% of research funding.  This is simply not good enough and we should all expect better.


We have helped thousands of people affected by lung cancer through funding vital research projects, campaigning for change and supporting patients through every stage of their illness.


With the help of our supporters, we can continue to make a difference. We are striving for a world where nobody dies of lung cancer but we cannot do this alone. With your help, we can take one step closer to beating the UK’s biggest cancer killer. Our supporters can expect better.”

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