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We are super excited to be writing our first Gossip Girls blog and hope that you will enjoy our updates. A huge HELLO to all of our members, this is going to be a great way of keeping you all informed of any changes, new plans and lots more……

WOW!!! Can you believe that it has been 3 years since we launched the business directory, it’s gone so quick. The great news is that we are continuing to grow and are welcoming new members all the time. This year has been particularly challenging to all business owners (thanks Covid19), however what it has taught us is that it is imperative to keep marketing your business and identify new ways of working which can help your business survive. We are working really hard on new ideas to develop the membership so watch this space!

We are both struggling with not hosting face to face events, this is one of the biggest impacts that Covid has created for us, as we both love the interaction, however moving to hosting ZOOM networking sessions is proving to be very popular and is working well. Our next event is October 14th at 10am so BOOK yourself on. They are a great opportunity to raise the profile of your business and make new contacts. If you haven’t ever attended one don’t be nervous, we are a really friendly and supportive group and are very welcoming to anyone new. Events are open to both directory members and non members. One good thing, there isn’t any travelling involved as they are all done in the comfort of your own home (often with an appearance from our pets and members of the family!)


Our main UK Gossip Girls facebook group continues to grow and we are now at nearly 25k!!! Just think this all started 7 years ago with just our family and friends and who would have thought we would be welcoming our 25,000th member imminently.

We hope you will enjoy keeping in touch via our blog as we will be unveiling some of our exciting plans with you all.

In the meantime to anyone who would like to find out a little more about our membership and the opportunities it provides please do get in touch by dropping us an email at info@ukgossipgirls.co.uk.

Be sure to follow us on both facebook and instagram.

Have a great weekend!

Julie & Karen



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