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I am a qualified Bereavement Counsellor with experience working at St Mary’s Early Pregnancy Loss Bereavement Service in Manchester, running The Miscarriage Association Manchester support group and befriending for Cruse Bereavement Support.

I have experience of working with clients who have experienced a wide range of issues including; bereavement, baby loss, miscarriage, infertility, termination for medical reasons, abortion, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

Having counselled many clients through their grief journeys and having had my own experience of infertility, baby loss and family bereavement, I understand the wide range of emotions you will experience through your own grief journey.  One day you will feel ok and the next you will feel at the bottom of a dark hole.  This rollercoaster is completely natural and to be expected – it’s your body and mind’s way of processing what has happened.


I am an integrative counsellor and my approach to your counselling will include Person-Centred Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  We will work together to establish which combination of therapies will help you best during your time with me.  I offer virtual session via Zoom or phone or face to face sessions.

To ensure you feel safe during your counselling sessions with me, rapport is essential.  If at any stage, you do not feel I am the counsellor for you, I will not take this personally.  Only through a trusting relationship where you feel respected and understood, will you be able to achieve the goals that have brought you to counselling.  I hope we can build this relationship and I am able to help you through your counselling journey.

Corporate Training – I also offer corporate training where training is given to managers and leaders within organisations to provide knowledge and understanding on how to support a colleague through a miscarriage and baby loss in the working environment.  Managers are trained on how to be empathetic to their staff member immediately following a loss, how to communicate and care for the employee whilst they are on leave and then supporting them through their return to work.  Training is given in the following areas;


*Types of Baby Loss – How common is it?

*Baby loss and the personal effects on your employee

*Grief and its effects

*How does pregnancy loss affect your employee in the     workplace?

*What you can do as a manager for your employees – Immediate and ongoing support




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