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Are you ready to change your life?

I help business owners, particularly women, to regain control, simplify their work-life balance & prioritise themselves. Effective & Immediate results with impactful, long-lasting changes! I am a confidential sounding board, a sorter-outer, a cheerleader, challenger and a kind and kick ass Coach!

I have worked with many people who have felt bewildered or baffled and who could not see a way through a situation. What they needed was a supportive Coach who was a confidential sounding board that gave them time to find their own solutions.

I can work with you too. You have not stumbled across my listing for no reason.

You are looking for answers, solutions or just to be heard and I can help.

My promise to my clients is that there is always a solution. There is always something that can be done, an action that can be taken to move you forward. How can I be so sure? Because I believe we are unshakeable, resilient, and strong regardless of how you currently feel. I have testimonials and examples of huge changes that can be made through Coaching.

Borrow my faith until you have your own and I promise that coaching can help you to believe in you, your relationships, your values and your work.

I am a qualified and Accredited Coach, Mentor, Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Why does this matter?

I work with people who seriously want to make changes. My approach has been described as ‘no nonsense but kind’ or ‘Kind and Kick Ass!’. I help small business owners to make effective changes in their lives and businesses by helping them create a life aligned with what they really want and what is important to them. Resulting in straight-talking, powerful changes that make a huge impact!

My approach is solution-focused which enables me to get right to the centre of you and cut through the noise getting to the facts of a situation enabling you to make amazing changes in your life, with huge impact to you, your family and your business

Together we can create a life which is solution focused, but more importantly one that you WANT to live, rather than just exist in!

I can work with anyone who has the willingness and commitment to change. If you don’t have that desire, or if you decide it’s not the right time after our pre-discovery call, that’s ok. It must be YOUR choice for it to work.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Chloe Quinn says:

    I was a member of the Westfield Warriors group business coaching course for about 6 months. I can’t tell you what a support Becky and the warriors have been, especially last year / early this year, when I was feeling a bit lost with my business’s direction. I’m so much more confident now, and happier doing what works for me rather than what I thought I should be doing! Thank you, Becky!

    Nadia says:

    I booked a 90 minute 1:1 Refocus session with Becky after coming to the realisation that I needed straight-talking help and accountability to get me un-stuck and moving forward with my business. I had been procrastinating for too long and I instantly knew Becky was the right person to help me. Becky’s approach is kind and gently challenging. She is passionate about bringing the best out in her clients and she does so with belief, patience and intuitive questioning. Now I have her as my mentor 🙂

    Linda says:

    The 5 to Thrive course was surprisingly fun. There were interesting activities and conversations – and a lovely welcome package!

    I was impressed by Becky’s flexibility: she adapted the sessions as we went along, according to participants’ needs.

    I learned a lot about myself and my motivations; and received great advice when necessary.

    Becky is warm, friendly, and approachable and I’m very glad to have been a

    Claire Fox says:

    I went to see Becky as I was becoming completely overwhelmed with my business and the stress it was causing me.
    At my 1-1 refocus session Becky helped me so much, especially to set boundaries and all done in a caring, positive way.
    Becky is incredible and can’t thank her and recommend her enough. Thanks

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