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1-1 & GROUP COACHING for personal and business

Claremont Avenue, Marple

Let me tell you a secret. No one has this ‘life’ or ‘work’ thing boxed off. After 20 years working in Education, Coaching and Mentoring, I can tell you that no one has all the answers.
I have worked with many people who have felt bewildered or baffled and who could not see a way through a situation. What they needed was a supportive Coach who was a confidential sounding board that gave them time to find their own solutions.

I can work with you too. You have not stumbled across my listing for no reason.

You are looking for answers, solutions or just to be heard and I can help.

My promise to my clients is that there is always a solution. There is always something that can be done, an action that can be taken to move you forward. How can I be so sure? Because I believe we are unshakeable, resilient, and strong regardless of how you currently feel.

Borrow my faith until you have your own and I promise that coaching can help you to believe in you, your relationships, your values and your work.

I am a qualified and Accredited Coach and Educator. Why does this matter?

So many people call themselves coaches who can’t Coach. In an unaccredited field I wanted a Coach who could Coach, who followed an ethical framework and who could get me out of the position of pain in 2013!

I work with people who seriously want to make changes. My approach has been described as ‘no nonsense but kind’. I help (not exclusively) sole traders and small business owners to make effective changes in their lives and businesses by helping them create a life aligned with their core values and what is important to them.

My approach is solution-focused which enables me to get right to the centre of you and cut through the noise getting to the facts of a situation.

Together we can create a life which is solution focused, but more importantly one that you WANT to live, rather than just exist in!

I can work with anyone who has the willingness and commitment to change. If you don’t have that desire, or if you decide it’s not the right time after our pre-discovery call, that’s ok. It must be YOUR choice for it to work.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Liz Rowlands says:

    I have attended 2 of Becky’s 5 week empower courses and they really do empower you. I had thoroughly lost myself , my identity through a mixture of parenting and grief. By working with Becky I have found myself again. She is a wonderful coach with oodles of experience and empathy, taking time to be truthful to yourself can be hard work but it’s worth it and I cant think of anyone I’d rather do the hard work with.

    Sarah Parker says:

    I have been to one of Becky’s evening workshops and then from that attended her most recent 5 week empowerment course in Marple. I found it very interesting and insightful. It has given me rather a lot of food for thought, so much so that I would have liked to have continued onto her next 5 week course but cannot due to personal commitments. Whether it be work or something in your personal life that you need a boost with then Becky is your lady. Open, honest, caring, well educated – fab lady xx

    Zoe Oughton says:

    Good morning!

    I would like to recommend Becky Becky J Field of Westfield Coaching, Consultancy & Design

    Becky has been helping and supporting lots of local small businesses including many of the directory members, doing lives – interviewing them every day and has also started to run some zoom coaching classes this week.

    She’s given us opportunity to remain visible and showcase what we do as well as being a huge support

    Thank you Becky x 

    Simone McKenzie says:

    I would like to recommend Becky J Field from Westfield Coaching, Consultancy & Design.
    I was feeling lost with my business , I took part of her zoom coaching classes this week.
    The group was amazing , we worked together, Becky guided us to find the solutions for our business dilemmas .
    It was a great experience , also gave to me more energy to continue my business after the lockdown. My brain didn’t stop to work after the meeting with a lot of ideas.
    Thank you soo much for the opportunity

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