Wellness with Sally - offering yoga, psychology and coaching to form a holistic approach for the body and mind.

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Are you ready to heal body, mind, soul and spirit?

When clients come to me they are looking for holistic and personalised support, whether it’s in a yoga class, or coaching sessions or a course. Lots of my clients are struggling with their mental and physical health, which of course are intertwined, and they aren’t sure where to turn next. I’m a wellbeing advocate, a community Builder, an educator, your guide, coach, and magic-maker for both adults, teens and children.

If you’ve made your way here I truly believe there’s a reason for that. I can help you to find yourself again, beyond the stress, anxiety, physical health concerns, or lack of purpose or direction. Whatever it is you are struggling with, I put a bespoke package of support around you to enrich your life and support your healing process.

I help individuals and children to understand the root of their anxiety and stress, fear, anger or trauma, and I offer a holistic framework for understanding and working with trauma from a body-centred perspective. I also work with clients who are experiencing women’s health issues that are impacting on their life quality. Every client is different and my solutions-focused approach is bespoke to your individual needs.

As a registered psychologist I have a deep understanding of how our minds function and how developmental trauma patterns show up, as a qualified yoga teacher, I specialise in the body and mind connection and as an accredited intuitive coach, I can support you connect to the deepest parts of yourself, guide you through your intuition and help you to tap into the power of the divine energy we all feel the presence of.

I now specialise in yoga for women’s health, and trauma-informed practice, as well as offering psychological therapies for children and adults. I combine my experience as a psychologist, my own experiences and training in menstrual health, and my love of yoga and mindfulness to create personalized, supportive practices for my clients. By using a unique blend of eastern philosophy and western psychology, I help clients to flourish and be in the best health possible, both in mind and body.

Whether it’s through my membership, my online courses and classes, my in-person events or my 1-2-1 offering, I will work with you to improve your health, to help you flourish and to make shifts in your life. I will show you a new approach where you can feel energised yet rested and I will use my gifts in intuition, my teaching of movement and meditation, and my trauma informed lens to change your life for the better.I live and work on the edge of the Peak District and offer in person and online appointments, classes, courses, programmes, workshops and retreat days.

I’m a psychologist (DAppEdPsy, registered with the HCPC) an intuitive coach (registered with the ACCPH) and a qualified trauma-informed yoga teacher. I have over 300 hours of yoga teacher training, and I am a registered Educational Psychologist, with 5 years experience of working with adults, schools, children and young people. I completed my Psychology doctorate at Nottingham University in 2016 and I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Practicing Psychologist.

I know from my own personal experience the impact that poor self-esteem, mental health difficulties and body image can have, particularly in childhood.  I’ve also been on my own journey through transitions in life and as an entrepreneur, having my own struggles with depression, building a business and women’s health issues. Through yoga and meditation I have been able to transform my own life from periods of low mood and an inability to relax, and even from a diagnosis of depression. Through coaching I have completely shifted my mindset, improved my confidence levels and seen huge movement towards how I want my life to be.

I believe it is everyone’s birth-right to experience positive physical and mental wellbeing, and I love educating and working with adults, families and children to help with their sense of connection to themselves as well as to others. I love empowering others on their healing journey in mind, body and soul. All of my offerings are from my passion for holistic wellbeing as well as the integration of science and spirituality.

I offer a discovery call to everyone for up to 30 minutes and completely free of charge to find out more about each other and whether we might be a good fit. You can also come to a group class with me, or a workshop or retreat. Online pre-recorded programmes and an online membership are also possible. If you would like to work 1:1 with me, this can be online or in person in Whaley Bridge, and this can include life coaching, trauma-informed yoga sessions, and psychology sessions for adults and young people. I can help you on your path of trauma recovery, of managing women’s health issues, and I also offer appointments to children and young people struggling with emotional wellbeing and mental health. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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