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Positivity and Well-being coach.

Hazel Grove

I have been at absolute rock bottom more than once in my life and I have made it back.  I have experienced the awful side of humanity and am here to tell the tale having learned many lessons along the way. I want to share those lessons with you as I guide you into becoming a more confident, positive, motivated person who is the best version of themselves they could possibly be.

I am qualified in various aspects of physical and mental health, including Life Coaching and Mental Health First Aid.¬† I am also a fully trained¬† ‘Expect Respect’ advocate for Women’s Aid.

I have gone from being a shell of a person who was led by what others wanted, to being a strong woman who doesn’t take any sh*t from anyone, will not settle for anything less than she deserves and whom is not afraid to unleash her inner lioness when it is needed.

There are general plans that are made to get you thinking in order to try to make your own changes, but Think Like A Lioness also creates bespoke plans in order to find the best resources and develop an action plan specifically for you.

Think Like A Lioness will never tell you what you need to do. The plans that are developed are done so in order to get YOU in control and to guide you into developing new habits, developing your confidence, becoming a happier person and more. The goals are set by you, milestones are created with your input and you are fully guided into making your goals a reality.

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