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Lixi Nutrition has been created to simplify your daily supplement routine. Early last year (2020) I noticed that my hair was getting quite thin at the crown so I started researching how to help reverse it, if indeed there was such a thing? My research led me down many different avenues and, after much testing of all the products out there, a blend of high strength collagen, biotin and vitamin C was the game changer! I created Lixi Collagen+ with a few extra super products in the formula to really try and make a difference to women (and men!) experiencing similar problems. I’m happy to say the feedback has been all I wished for and more! Here’s a little bit more info about our hero product, Lixi Collagen+

Collagen supplements are becoming big news in the health and wellness sector, and for good reason. Collagen supports our own bodies’ natural ability to rebuild. Our own collagen levels deplete as we get older, from as early as age 20. Taking a good collagen supplement can help to maintain strong hair and nails, healthy smooth skin as well as aiding recovery after exercise and helps to keep joints supple. 

Our Collagen+ formula contains 10,000mg of bioavailable marine collagen per day, Vitamin C to aid absorption as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration on a cellular level. We’ve also got a B vitamin complex to energise, including high strength biotin in each daily shot to help with hair growth and thinning hair. 

Customers have also reported reduction in sugar cravings, less stiffness, better sleep, more energy, softening of wrinkles and a more youthful glow! 

Alongside Collagen+ we also have our multinutrient formula, Vitality+. This is a complete blend of essential vitamins and minerals you need to maintain optimal health, as well as a super greens blend and key amino acid profile. 

We all know that the key to living happy and healthy is taking in a balanced and nutritious diet, taking regular exercise and sleeping well. We also know that sometimes that isn’t possible! With Vitality+ you can ensure you’re not missing out on anything that you might need during a busy day.  Think of this as your daily backup to help keep you on top form for whatever your day throws at you!

I look forward to sharing the products with you !

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