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A potential client who is looking to engage in the professional services of an Interior Designer needs to see their creativity and the best place to start with that is to look at their portfolio of creations. Contrary to some beliefs, interior design is not only for the well to do or wags of this world, it is not about status or prestige. The discipline is flexible to cater for a wide range of needs, to take into account all wishes and dreams and bring them to life in a home or place of work within an agreed budget.

Whether you are considering making your home a more enhanced living space or you are undertaking a full building project, interior design will be key to making it flow, stand out from the crowd and make it more marketable for the future along with the most critical at this stage – to love the look and feel of your space, to make it work for you, love the space you’re in.

Offering value for money as this doesn’t need to blow the budget. I can visualise immediately how a room and space will look, talk you through it, listen to your ideas and needs then sketch it up and help you with the build of the room, sourcing of furniture, furnishings and window dressings whilst tapping you into my network of trusted suppliers and professional tradespeople, product placement and finishing touches. The whole kit and caboodle.

Do you know the vibe you are looking for? It isn’t essential to have a fixed idea. Your interior designer will work with you to meet your needs and is trained and skilled to assess what can be achieved in each room whilst maintaining balance across the entire living or work space.

Design planning is essential not just because it gives you a clear view of what will be done by when but because it crystallises how your needs will be met in design terms. Of course, design can evolve and change; design planning brings a focal point to be rallied around. This process can be daunting and/or exciting for some. Whatever your preferences are, your interior designer will adapt and be very supportive coaching and guiding you through the process.

Interior designers should not do what they want unless this is the client remit, they should work in harmony with the client and drive or execute dependent upon the style and needs.

At Blue Caiman Creative ID we are passionate about the planning of a design project, the creative thought process of how and what we can achieve in the space. As the owner of Blue Caiman Creative ID I carefully select who I need to engage from my delivery team to work with on the project. The team are selected from trusted trades and creatives from construction to staging and finishing touches.

Some clients have a strong idea of what they want a room/home to look and feel like. Blue Caiman Creative ID does deliver in accordance to a clients’ vision, we bring realisation expertise, a high attention to detail along with an efficient and effective execution. I oversee and am heavily involved in all projects and have been recommended on many projects as an interior designer who does what the client wants. I don’t go off on a tangent. I listen and I listen well. Communication is key.

With 20 years of experience in designing, window dressing, visual displays, sourcing all sorts of fabulous pieces, I am able to push boundaries at will and when is required and most importantly when my client wants to go down a risker route for themselves. After all this is what a client is subscribing to and paying for, a creation of their very own, a trip into my creative mind and experience. Sometimes all is required is gentle guidance and to see some different looks, fabrics and styles. The art of the possible.



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    Wendy Veal says:

    I met Su through GG’s and we got chatting. We needed some help in designing some space in our pantry and also our spare room, which was just more or less a dumping ground. Su came round to have a look and I was amazed at her vision immediately of what was needed. Su got all of her guys on the case and work started within a few weeks. The Pantry is all sorted and looks amazing and work has started on the spare room now. It has been a real pleasure to work with Su and highly recommend her

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