Sorted! The Decluttering and Organising Service

Your Office, Your Home, Your Life – Sorted! Decluttering and Organising for all your home and office needs.

Davenport, Stockport

Run by Sian Pelleschi, Sorted! aims to take away the stress and hassle that everyday life can sometimes bring, both in your home and working environment.

When you’re busy focusing on important clients, your kids or home improvements (to name a few), paperwork, filing and general things around you can easily get into disarray and build up into piles.

Sometimes you need someone to come in and, without judgement, assess the situation and tell you where to start or even better, help do the job of organising the chaos.

Give Sian a call or email to discuss how she can help you.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Wendy Veal says:

    I booked Sian after she had a special offer on a declutter. I decided that I’d put tidying my office off for far too long , so got in touch with Sian. Last week she came & transformed my office into an actual office that now is fully functional & not a dumping room, that was full of junk. Sian also very kindly sorted my kitchen out too. An absolute godsend & took all the stress away from me thinking about having to try & find the time or the energy to do it & let me get on with my work.

    Rachel Astley says:

    Sian came in just before Christmas to get the ‘play room’ aka as the dumping ground in to a more orderly fashion that can be used by my kids as they transition into teenagedom. The funny thing was that just knowing Sian was arriving spurred us into action of getting rid of some clutter. However, Sian made the process very quick and simple with her sensible ideas of ‘everything has a place’ and a feeling of lightness descended once she had worked her Sorting Magic! Thanks again Sian

    Louise Barson says:

    I took up one of Sian’s 2 hour declutter offers in Dec 2018. Sian came to help me sort & file paperwork including confidential material & also reorganise my art room & art materials. Tasks I am more than capable of doing myself as a former professional declutterer! But I knew that working together with Sian would be a much more efficient use of my time when very busy with my art & with my local foodbank charity projects. Sian came, saw and sorted & I can highly recommend her services

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