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Here at Smile Chic, our team of expert dentists who are highly trained and undergo regular training are here to provide you with proven results and the dental care you have always wanted. We pride ourselves on patient’s safety, improvement and enhancement of smiles and solving any dental problem, for both men and women.

Whether your condition is dental disease or simply a personal desire to create a new smile or need help to solve a dental concern or replace missing teeth, Smile Chic Dental Clinic always have the support for your needs.

Smile Chic is a leading boutique Private Dental Clinic offering professional and bespoke cosmetic and preventative dentistry in Hale. Our extensive full range of treatments includes everything from:

• Routine Exams and General Dentistry
• Teeth Whitening
• Dental Implants
• Veneers
• Hygiene Services and Airflow
• Root canals
• Composite Bonding
• Clear braces and Aligners
• Wisdom tooth Removal…nel/UCG_m1gE7S33AMpn8Qx7ERdA

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections (commonly known as botox) can reverse and prevent the signs of ageing no matter what has happened to your skin in the past. By reducing overactive muscle movement in the face, your skin becomes relaxed and gets a chance to recover from continual movement. The result essentially irons out your skin giving it a smoother younger look.

As skin ages it loses its collagen and elasticity and becomes flat, saggy and less supple. As a result, lips can lose their fullness, lines can appear around the mouth and nose area, and cheeks can start to look sunken and hollow. Dermal fillers are simply designed to replace the collagen you lose through ageing, raising flatter areas, plumping up static wrinkles and lines in your skin, softening them to give your skin a smoother and youthful look. They can also be used to enhance your facial features such as the lips – giving beautiful, natural lips that are in perfect harmony with the rest of the face.

Lip Filler –
They have long been considered one of a woman’s most important facial features. Your lips and mouth show your emotions, and full lips have long been seen as a sign of youth and beauty. But the natural ageing process alters them. From the peak of fullness in your 20’s, lips slowly change to become thinner, flatter and less defined. The reason? Your body produces less hyaluronic acid over time, essential for volume.
Non-surgical Lip Enhancement is a very popular treatment offered by us. It is suitable for anyone who would like fuller lips. The safe, efficient lip-filler procedure can replace the volume and definition that ageing has taken away; it can also be used to create balance between the upper and lower lip.

Profhilo –
the revolutionary injectable that can transform the way you look and cheer up your reflection in the mirror.
Profhilo is stabilised hyaluronic acid that spreads like honey under the skin for total bio remodelling and rejuvenation. It lifts, tightens, boosts collagen and adds a natural airbrush effect to your complexion giving amazing skin quality.

Whether you’re struggling with a dull complexion, sagging skin, or could just do with taking 5 years off of your appearance, this is the product for you. It’s ideal for brightening, tightening, and smoothing, and it gets to work fast. You’ll be looking more youthful in just a few weeks!

Profhilo provides a more subtle lift. Use it on your face, neck and feel younger in an instant. So, if you look like you need a holiday but don’t have the time, get that revitalised glow with Profhilo.

Plasma Shower-                                                      Simply PAIN FREE SKIN REJUVENATION

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