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So 6 Years ago I found out about the Keratin Treatments and I was amazed at the ‘before & after’ pictures and all the information I read about them. For people who are unsure a Keratin treatment IS NOT a straightening treatment but it is an Anti frizz and volume reduction treatment which also reduces the drying time by 70%, all while conditioning the hair as its working. Unlike traditional Keratin/Brazilian Treatments there isn’t any waiting time to wash your hair in fact you are able to wash your hair straight after the treatment is complete (even though you won’t want to).

The most important thing about this treatment is that it is 100% formaldehyde free so is complete safe to use on anyone. What makes me special you may ask? Well apart from specialising in this treatment for 6 years, I also have mixed race hair that I always used to struggle with before the Keratin Treatment. Before I use to have my hair chemically relaxed which made my hair straight but also severely damaged my hair in the process. I have never found anything better than the Keratin Treatment.

I now have over 400 clients on my books who come every 4-6 months because they cannot live without the treatment. There are no ages restrictions (my youngest client at the moment is 9 years old!) so if you suffer with frizzy, unmanageable, unruly, thick hair then give me a call.

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    Clare Cliff says:

    Excellent results from my Keratin treatment . Lasted about 4 months

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