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Remedy Personal Training – Who am I?

As a secondary school Advanced Skills Teacher, I can guarantee individually planned, tailor-made exercise sessions for all of my clients, helping them to set goals and targets to really achieve their desired results. My expertise in teaching guarantees that I listen intently and always put my clients first. This develops relationships in which clients really trust me, in turn securing enjoyment of exercise and consequent positive results in all areas of their life – not just training!

Remedy Personal Training – What am I?

As a trained Level 3 GP Referral Personal Trainer and life coach, I can help clients to positively change their mind set and work towards being their best selves: I believe we all have the ability to change our bodies, minds, emotional states and direction if we so desire– we all just need a bit of help! I do not believe ‘one-size-fits-all’ and simply know that all bodies, regardless of size and shape, are brilliant! I am non-judgmental, highly motivated and understanding of how different we all are and therefore how approaches need to be individual. I am against the current climate of body shaming and chasing ‘weight loss’ only, both of which I find very harmful to our self-esteem and confidence. Instead, I create an exercise culture which promotes, strength, health and pride in our bodies.

Being an advocate of resistance training for women, I believe this training method promotes much better outcomes (better strength in muscles, ligaments and tendons; better flexibility; increased bone density; increased self-confidence and body awareness) than simply the same old ‘more cardio and fad diet for weight loss’ routine which can be soul destroying and damaging to bodies.

Remedy Personal Training – Why choose me?
I have a fully equipped, boutique, private gym in which to deliver sessions catering for all ranges of people from the confident, well-trained client, to people recovering from injury, to the shy beginner starting on a new journey to health and fitness. My USP is that I am a highly skilled teacher, very ‘real’ and with a normal physique, and at the age of 43, am experienced enough to guide and support with genuine empathy.

As a busy mummy of two little boys, I’m very happy for clients to bring their little ones along (I especially love baby cuddles!) and can offer a safe environment for babies or lots of outdoor play for older children.

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