Ninas Nursery – A Unique Nursery Experience!

Davenport Great Moor High Lane Offerton Cale Green

At Nina’s Nursery we understand the importance of finding the perfect environment and care for your child. Our staff at Nina’s are passionate about their role and believe that a child’s early experiences are their preparation for life. Every day at Ninas Nurseries is filled with a range of activities such as singing, music, creative art, literacy and numeracy skills and playing outside that are centred around the individual interests of each child.

Our rooms at Ninas Nurseries are safe, caring and nurturing environments designed to support each child’s growing needs and plays a vital part in children’s well-being. One of the first things you will notice in each of our nurseries is that they look inviting and enticing, not only to children but adults too.

We believe the children should feel a sense of belonging at nursery and so everything about the rooms including child sized furniture, everything at their level, resources and furniture we use is designed to encourage independence and foster children’s self-confidence. In keeping with our overall philosophy and approach to early years teaching, the environment too is influenced by a range of children’s theorists including Montessori, Reggio and the Curiosity Approach.

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