MindfulEd: Bringing Mindfulness to everyday life.

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I am an accredited and experienced mindfulness teacher having trained extensively with Bangor and Oxford University. My aim is to provide fun, interactive, insightful and reflective courses to meet the needs of the focus group.

The courses introduce mindfulness as a life-skill worth knowing; with practical ideas and tips to manage everyday situations and challenges more helpfully at home and at work.

MindfulEd delivers bespoke mindfulness courses and training to business, education, community groups and sports, music and drama specialisms

Mindfulness is also known Mental Fitness and branded as Mind Works for the Workplace.

Courses are targeted and bespoke for a range of settings! MindfulEd also delivers Tasters, Twilights, Inset Days and Workshops.

Mindfulness awareness and practice can support us to:-

• Notice our patterns of thinking and behaving to deal with everyday situations and challenges
• Work effectively with greater focus and attention
• Understand how our emotions drive thoughts, actions and behaviours
• Develop awareness for the need for balance in our busy lives
• Understand and recognise stress triggers to respond to situations more helpfully
• Increase resilience to cope with stress and difficulty
• Promote happiness and well-being

Contact Anne McBride via website/email/Facebook/Instagram for more information or to discuss opportunities to develop mindfulness for you or your organisation.


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