Is your inner critic telling you, you can’t go bigger? I work with ambitious, and determined self- employed women who are ready to take the handbrake off their potential, without freaking out.

Didsbury, Manchester

EFT is a transformational technique, which allows you to finally silence the inner critic that is keeping you small, and afraid of dreaming big. You want to earn more, but are afraid that means working harder. You want to attract your dreamboat client, instead of just taking any old client. You want to pitch for exciting opportunities, but are afraid of rejection, or being laughed at. Imposter Syndrome is huge, as is procrastination. I can help with ALL that, without praying to the moon, or shoving crystals in your bra.

EFT is not coaching. It is not counselling. It is a combination of the two – it’s quick and incredibly effective at loosening the pressure you’re feeling to ‘prove’ yourself. So, if you’re sick of sabotaging yourself for the 148764286th time, and have had enough of your own bullsh*t, then get in touch.

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