Kerry Boland Mindset coach, achieve Confidence, Clarity and Transformation.


Are you feeling like you have a goal but don’t know how to get there? You have these ideas but when it comes to implementing them you hit a brick wall?

 9/10 women think they have a problem in their business, but it actually stems from something either in their personal life or even back to childhood, such as traumas or self-limiting beliefs, that are preventing you from moving forward. 

I help female entrepreneurs to achieve their goals without having to work harder, create a happy work life balance through mindset coaching, eliminating overwhelm, breaking down self limiting beliefs and barriers to achieve the desired outcome

I am on a mission to empower as many women as I possibly can to achieve their dreams, I have overcome many obstacles throughout my life both professionally and personally, but through the power of the mind I have burst through these obstacles to where I am today, I am proud of my battle scars and I openly share this on my Facebook page

I have a proven track record of helping many women making positive shifts in their lives that have gotten them to their desired destination, within just a few weeks of working with me the shifts start to happen and the light bulb moments come, this is where the magic happens, whether that be to overcome past traumas or beliefs that are not serving you, or even a business idea that you don’t know how to move forward, we will work together to gain confidence clarity and transformation.

I believe in the power of the mind, and that thoughts really do become things when channelled in the right way. 

I am a qualified coach, NLP practitioner and I have Management and Leadership qualifications under my belt. 

Before becoming a coach I worked in Sales and Operations in the tech industry for over 10 years, progressing businesses to the next level

I am straight talking, empathetic, a great soundboard, no nonsense type of girl!

And most of all I believe in every single woman that I meet, even if at first they don’t believe in themselves. I focus on solutions not problems, I will help you to identify areas of yourself you have never experienced before. The answers to all of your challenges are within you, and through the use of different coaching styles, techniques and frameworks, we will dig deep together to find those answers

And you WILL live the life YOU desire

What will you get from working with me as your coach? 

A bespoke 12 week 1:1 coaching program

–           Full support throughout the program via, phone, email, text

–           Walk and Coach (if local)

–           Lunch and Coach (if local)

–           Accountability

–           Motivation

–           Empowerment

–           Support

–           Results

–           Transformation

The first step is a 1:1 Discovery call to ensure we are compatible to work with one another. From here we will design your package and agree a start date.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Louise James says:

    Thank you so much, Kerry for helping me to understand my blocks around why my past was stopping me from having the confidence to do what I need to push my business forward.

    Although we talked about painful times in my past, I liked the fact that we didn’t focus on that. Kerry encouraged me to realise that my drive to succeed comes from my difficult experiences in life.

    Kerry is funny and a true empath, she has a no-nonsense style of coaching but you can tell she truly cares.

    Tracy Jones says:

    Brilliant, inspiring, wonderful lady. I have just had my second coaching session with Kerry and I’m feeling amazing.
    Kerry has helped me see what abilities and strengths I have and how to use them, so that I can change my current situation and create the life I dream of and follow my true life path!
    I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone considering a life coach!

    Lindsay Gowing says:

    Kerry is approachable, understanding supportive and challenging when needed in the nicest way which is what Coaching is all about! Kerry listens and identifies issues , raises awareness on them and allows you to find the solution, with some thought provoking questions. This brings a great feeling of empowerment and also more sustained changes in order to meet your goals. I love working with Kerry! She is a true inspiration and is my go to person if I need some guidance or motivation.

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