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When people come to see me I truly believe they have come to an end of a chapter in their lives, As a hypnotherapist, intuitive coach I’m passionate about helping children, teenagers and adults make positive changes in their lives. To let go of what the client no longer needs and wake up to who they truly are. All hypnosis is self hypnosis therefore empowering the client for their health, happiness and wellbeing. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful and relaxing way of accessing through hypnosis, the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is a huge memory bank of you and is active from the womb. The subconscious stores everything ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!’ so when you enter into a relaxed ‘Altered State’ the client understands message or the root cause of the issue at hand. The client can then let it go, heal and move forward.

I often work in metaphor so a person doesn’t need to go over and over details! Using metaphor is a language the sub-conscious mind understands.
We often enter into an altered state or hypnosis every day. For example like driving a car when you get to your destination from a regular journey you take, you pull up and don’t remember the journey….It’s because your sub-conscious mind was driving, it’s your memory bank you haven’t gone anywhere, but if a car cuts you up or a pedestrian stepped out you would be alerted and be able to act and deal with it.

I truly believe each person who comes to see me has the power and the answers as it’s their unique story. They just need some help in accessing it, accepting, letting go and moving forward and that’s what I do. I humorously refer myself to a detective helping, guiding my clients in making positive changes that are right for them.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Julie says:

    I took my daughter to see Julie when she was going through a bad time at school. Julie offers a safe environment in which my daughter was able to find unique ways to deal with her anxiety. Julie is warm and welcoming and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

    Penny says:

    Julie is such a compassionate and experience practitioner, I went to see her as I was at a cross roads in my life and although I thought I didn’t really need any help or guidance, I was going more for relaxation I discovered it was time for change as we did some guided meditation/hypnosis. It was just what I needed, her calm and warm demeanour is perfect for creating a safe environment to go deep in to your sub consciousness to find your inner voice! It was the perfect turning point!

    Zoe Oughton says:

    Julie is so calming and welcoming and instantly puts you at ease. She listens carefully then explains everything in detail. She really helped me and I still use the visualisations today that came about from my visit which help me . I recommend her.

    Beth Torkington says:

    I would highly recommend Julie. She is very caring and calming and immediately put me at ease by explaining the hypnotherapy process fully. I visited for 3 sessions and after each of them, I could feel improvement in my everyday life with the issues that I had wanted to tackle. Thank you Julie!

    Caroline says:

    I had some hypnotherapy sessions from Julie last year. They helped me tremendously. I was always very sceptical about the treatment but it is amazing and really helped me get to the root cause. Julie also helped one of my sons get over his “chicken phobia” which really affected his life. He suffered panic attacks because of it. He is now totally over it which was amazing for him and hasn’t had a panic attack since.

    Julie lowth says:

    I want to share my review and to say Thankyou! I took my daughter who suffers with anxiety to meet julie and she was wonderful, this really helped with her mock exams.

    Becky says:

    I would like to recommend Julie Widdowson and her hypnotherapy today. A few weeks back it became apparent I needed to go back to work on something that no longer serves me.

    I went to see Julie this morning and what an emotional experience. As a Coach it’s so important for me to be willing to let go of the past and I made progress today by going back to my inner child, this was the end (I hope) of a particular long journey of letting ‘stuff’ go.

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