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We help people struggling with their debts enabling them to take control and provide an effective and permanent solution.

We are a locally based Company operating for over 10 years from Cheadle Hulme. We are a highly experienced and specialist team, focussed on providing our clients with clear, uncomplicated advice and debt support. As a client of Johnson Geddes you will have dedicated staff dealing with your case that you will be able to get to know over the duration of the debt solution.

We can promise you complete confidentiality and that you will not be dealt with in a call centre environment. Every effort will be made to make you feel at ease and to give you the confidence that we are here to help you. We are more than happy to meet face to face.

We specialise in Individual Voluntary Arrangements (“IVA’s”) as a debt solution. IVA’s are an effective alternative to bankruptcy and are put in place by a written legal agreement that enables you to become debt free, normally in five years or less.

Some of the key elements and advantages are as follows:

* The IVA is likely to significantly reduce the monthly payments towards your debts, to one affordable monthly contribution based on your individual financial circumstances

* Once an IVA is approved no further interest can be charged and on successful completion of the IVA the remaining balances due to your creditors are written off

* The vast majority of debt types are eligible for an IVA including credit cards, personal loans, guarantee liabilities, store cards, HMRC and payday loans

*No further debt recovery or legal proceedings are permitted and your creditors are no longer allowed to contact you by telephone or chase you by any other means

*An IVA may be proposed with a lump sum available from a relative or third party, in order to provide an agreed return to creditors. In these circumstances an IVA can be completed in less than three months

*You should in the vast majority of cases be able to continue to run any business you have and you can continue to act as a Director of a Limited Company without any potential restrictions

*An interlocking IVA can also be proposed , if required , to include all your own debts and the debts of your Partner, and those debts held jointly

*An IVA finally allows you the potential to protect any assets you may have including your home and your car


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