Holistic Therapy By Karen

Holistic Healing for a More Balanced Well-Being

Relieve stress and anxieties with the help of Karen Bellamy – Energy Practitioner. A Reiki Practitioner and Cultural Architect, I offer energy treatment sessions in Bramhall, Cheshire and the East Cheshire areas. I work with all forms of energy to help people relax and ease their worries. I’m also trained in Indian head massage.

Compassionate Holistic Therapist

I set up my healing centre a year ago to help people realign and bring their bodies and minds back in harmony. My aim is to give them a space to switch off and make them realise that they don’t have to feel angry, stressed and uptight. Through holistic therapies, I help clients reduce their stress levels so they can lead a more balanced and calming life.

Personal Background

Originally born in Dublin, I moved to the UK when I was 20. I know what it is like to hit rock bottom and feel like there is no one there to help you. All the treatments that I am qualified to provide, I have used on myself in various stages of my life.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Thankfully, I was able to recover using a combination of Reiki, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and meditation. Having a positive mindset also helped me recover completely.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Claire Bossons says:

    I’ve had a few sessions of reiki with Karen and highly recommend. A truly relaxing environment and a complete feeling of balance as I left x

    Liz Faragher says:

    Karen greets you with a very warm welcome when you arrive. Karen is very professional and knowledgeable about what Reiki can do for you with your symptoms. I have benefitted from Karen’s Reiki’s treatment in the past I am going to book another session very soon. You leave the room feeling very well balanced relaxed and have a very good nights sleep afterwards.

    Zoe Oughton says:

    A wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating experience – the Relax and restore treatment. I came away feeling very floaty and relaxed and very calm. Karen has a lovely treatment room and a wonderful manner and puts you instantly at ease. Can’t wait for my next visit!

    Angela says:

    I brought my 13 year old daughter to Karen a while ago after she had a few seizures and was diagnosed with severe anxiety due to a trauma in the family. We had one session and after nearly a year of multiple panic attacks daily, she went 4 whole days without having one!! Can’t recommend Karen enough, she has a lovely calming nature and made my daughter at ease straight away 🙂

    Caroline says:

    Love going for treatments of Karen. From the moment you walk in you start to feel relaxed and her treatment room is stunning. I have had Reiki but now have Karen’s signature treatment, Revive and Restore. Such a fantastic treatment that instantly relaxes you. I always come away feeling amazing.

    Alison Calder says:

    I had never had reiki before I went to see Karen, I didn’t really even know what it was but I felt like I needed some ‘me time’ and some relaxation so thought I’d give it a go. It is the most relaxing treatment I have ever had, your mind gradually stops thinking and it just gives you that opportunity to switch off. I would have it weekly if I could. My sleep also dramatically improves afterwards. I would definitely recommend.

    Liz says:

    I had only had reiki once prior to having my treatments with Karen I have never experienced the sense of relaxation and energy I felt on my very first session. I feel wonderful when I have finished my session.

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