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We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of your financial life work together harmoniously in a way that combines the most effective and cost efficient solutions from the whole of the market place with proven strategies that adjust to your lifestyle.

We offer help and advice in the following areas:


Whether to protect yourself, your family or company, we can secure the most appropriate, tax efficient and comprehensive cover at the best available rates.


We all have at least one, but do you truly understand your options in retirement, the fees you are paying within your pension and if it is working as hard as you are to grow you pension pot?


For many of us our mortgage is our largest monthly bill and the difference between being able to live in our dream home or not. Quality, clear and personal advice taking into account your individual circumstances can make a world of difference in this crucial area of your financial life.


Have you ever considered investing a portion of your savings more effectively to fund your aspirations and dreams or been frustrated by low interest rates when you do manage to put something away?
Whether for yourself or loved ones, investments do not need to be complicated or overly risky, we can help you use your tax exemptions and benefit from our experience and expertise to build up savings for the future.

Ethical and Social Impact Considerations     

At HG Financial Planning we believe that getting the best results for our clients doesn’t have to mean supporting companies that participate in damaging or unethical activities. We specialise in ethical investments that aim to avoid exposure to the negative activities of some companies and instead select those who aim to leave a positive footprint on society and the world as a whole.

We offer varying levels of ethical portfolios for those who simply like the idea of not profiting in activities they disagree with all the way up to catering for our vegan client’s beliefs so that their pensions and investments can also uphold the values they live by each day.


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