Evidence-based Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant

Macclesfield Performance, Cannon Mill, Gunco Lane, Macclesfield SK11 7JL.

Why FlexFit?

Because every woman deserves to feel confident.

Because every woman deserves to feel strong, empowered, and healthy.

Because at FlexFit, you get fitness that fits into your life.

How will FlexFit fit me?

FlexFit is built to work with your busy lifestyle. No fuss, no stress, just real honest exercise and personalised nutrition.

Every programme is tailored to your needs – everything you need to beat your goals and become truly empowered and independent. Unsure what exercises will work best for you? I’m always here to help. Don’t know how to eat well and still enjoy a great tasting meal? I’ve got you covered.

What makes FlexFit different?

Most personal trainers are only interested in the hour they spend with you in the gym. I’m interested in the other 23 hours, 7 days a week. That’s when the real work starts. That’s when you’ll start to see real change, fast.

At FlexFit, you aren’t just signing up for 60 minutes in the gym – you get round-the-clock support, evidence-based fitness and dietary education, and real results.

What FlexFit gives you

 I offer a range of bespoke programmes to fit into your life, whatever you want to achieve. I provide 1-2-1 and small group training sessions at my private studio gym in Macclesfield.

As part of my personal training package, I offer:

Ongoing nutrition assessment and advice – honest and friendly tips to help you make the most of your diet.

Evidence-based fitness and nutrition education – so you can go on to be independent, work out safely, and feel fantastic knowing your programme is based on the latest scientific studies and research

Personalised progress reviews – weigh-ins, goal assessment, measurements etc.

Out-of-session programmes – tailored to fit your lifestyle, so you can keep making progress at home and on the go.


FlexFit – giving you bespoke, hands-on flexible fitness coaching and nutrition.

What are you waiting for? Call 07979 877585  for a free no obligation consultation.


Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Katherine Speak says:

    Mandy gave me insight into how I can change my mindset and body resulting in a healthier, fitter more focused lifestyle. She helped me challenge myself to the best of my ability and teach me new things about the foods I can eat to really see results. She is a joy to work with and is incredibly friendly, yet focused and hardworking – a perfect balance! Thanks Mandy for all your help you definitely deserve all the 5 star reviews you get!

    Charlotte roebuck says:

    I’ve been training with Mandy now for 3 months and absolutely love it! My husband works very irregular shifts and I have 2 young children and a very busy lifestyle so I thought it would be difficult to fit in training. But Mandy is extremely flexible. Flexfit really lives up to its name! The workouts are very variable and Mandy pushes you outside your comfort zone which is just what I need! Highly recommend to all those busy people who want to fit a healthy lifestyle into a busy one ���

    Anna van der Feltz says:

    I have been on Mandy’s journey with her since she started training to be a PT. When she qualified I was first to sign up. She really knows her stuff and is dedicated to getting the results you want. Each program is tailored to my body and goals. I won’t deny her sessions are tough but she pushes me through, even doing it with me to keep me going. I’m glad she pushes me, that’s why I’m with her and why I lost a stone in my first 4 weeks. I can’t recommend her/FlexFit enough!

    Eleri says:

    I would highly recommend Mandy as a personal trainer. She is passionate about her job and dedicated to helping her clients reach their fitness potential.
    Her holistic approach to training has enabled me to lose weight, develop a toned body and improve my fitness levels greatly.
    Her work outs are enjoyable and varied. She tries to push us a little further each week but not beyond our limitations!
    Thanks Mandy, really enjoying your training sessions and seeing my fitness improve 🙂 xx

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