Eileen Fisher Therapy and Nutrition

Eileen Fisher Therapy and Nutrition

Wilmslow and Manchester

Hello, I’m Eileen I’m both a fully qualified and registered counsellor and a qualified nutritionist with as master’s degree in nutrition and health. My passion is supporting people with their wellbeing and health.

You are the expert of your experiences, and my role is to facilitate your journey towards the life that you want to have and the person you want to be. You can come and see me at my offices in Manchester or Wilmslow. I also offer online or telephone appointments and walking appointments. You can book a fee initial 30-minute consultation with no obligation so that we can have a chat about how I can help you.

Individual counselling and psychotherapy
You may be experiencing relationship problems or have a low or depressed mood most or all of the time. You might be feeling stuck, stressed and anxious or be experiencing grief or anger. Perhaps you have issues around food and eating. Whatever the reason, therapy could help you. Research shows that 4 out of 5 people who come for counselling benefit from the experience. Each therapy session will be unique to your needs and could help you in different ways. Your health and wellbeing will improve, and you will feel more in control of your life and your emotions.

Couples Counselling
If your relationship is in difficulty come and get support. Whatever the cause of your relationship problems the sooner you get help the better the chances of success. I regularly work with straight and same sex couples in my practice using a model called Imago Relationship Therapy. Imago is a highly practical and effective method which has helped thousands of couples worldwide establish more connected, passionate and joyful relationships. My aim is to provide you and your partner with a safe, confidential and empathetic service. Therefore, my role is to facilitate both of you in exploring and progressing your relationship with safety and connection as priorities.

Disordered Eating
If you are struggling with issues around food and eating come and work with me. Do you use food to manage your emotions? Are you a diet expert? Do you know what you should do, but feel stuck? As a licenced practitioner of the Understanding Your Eating Programme, I can support you to establish a positive relationship with food as you gain freedom from unwanted eating behaviours.

Nutritional Support
I offer guidance with diet and lifestyle to support a range of common health problems. My aim for all is to enable freedom and confidence around diet and lifestyle so that you can feel better both mentally and physically.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Digital Annie says:

    I was struggling with a new diet to stay full. Eileen gave me a few tips of different foodstuffs to add to my diet. Nothing major, really simple easy things to do. And now I feel like I’m all sorted. I can’t believe the little changes made so much difference. Eileen explained why and what was happening. I definitely recommend you get in touch.

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