Helping Your Grow Socially

Edgeley, Stockport

Facebook, Instagram and Technical Support (software research, updating websites etc) is how I help people. I work mainly with small business but also charities/community groups.

Most People Come to Me for Insider Information and Support on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms.

Here are the most common ways I work with people:

Creating a Social Media Plan:  2 hour 1:1 session on zoom. You walk away with a one page plan that works for any and all platforms. It’s bespoke to your business and means you never have to think “What should I post?” again. It’s £95 for 2 hours and you can book it online.

Learn With Me: It normally starts with the 2 hour social media plan session as above. Then we meet weekly to create your Facebook and/or Instagram posts together.  As time progresses you learn how to use your existing stories and content to create engaging posts. Thus increasing, engagement, sales and growth of your audience. £45 an hour.

Let Me Do It For YouI support a number of businesses by creating and scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts for them. This varies from person to person. For some I use existing content and repurpose it for others I create content from scratch. It can be daily posts or just a few times a week it’s up to you. The cost is deliberately bespoke to each person an example could be £195 a month for 7 posts a week.

Facebook Group Moderation: Keeping a Facebook Group going requires a lot of effort I know. It’s important to create conversations. There’s often a need for a good deal of admin and moderation which can take business owners away from what they really need to do. That’s where I come in. Cost is £35 an hour.

General Tech Support: Sometimes all you need is to solve a couple of technical problems with Facebook or Instagram and I can do this too. I also help with WordPress Websites, Gmail, ConvertKit, membership sites, Newsletters and so on. Most things you want to do digitally. And I offer a customer service support answering emails on your behalf. For one off problems its £35 an hour and in my experience most things are easily resolved within that time frame. It’s a minimum of an hour and I charge in 15 minute increments after that. For more project work and research it’s between £35-£45 an hour depending on what’s required. We’ll have a chat first anyway so you will be given a quote before deciding if you want to go ahead.

I know that every business is born from passion.  A desire to make the world a better place, to offer a product or a service that can help others or something that will make them smile. I work with dedicated people who love their business and work hard to make it shine.

Most people start with a 15 minute chat to find out more, which I prefer. You want to know who you are working with right? So lets talk first. Find a time which suits you here.


Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Phil Gibbons says:

    Starting up a photography business and being a novice at social media is not a good mix (that’s me)! Having had an initial 2 hour session with Anna I came away a lot clearer regards how best to interact with Facebook and Instagram and how to approach the kinds of posts I should be producing and how to make these most effective. Anna was great at giving examples and I came out of our session with a much greater insight into social media and a clear direction in which to head. Thank you Anna.

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