Helping Your Grow Socially

Edgeley, Stockport

Facebook, Instagram and Technical Support (software research, updating websites etc) is how I help people. I work mainly with small business but also charities/community groups.

Most People Come to Me for Insider Information and Support on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms.

Here are the most common ways I work with people:

Creating a Social Media Plan:  2 hour 1:1 session on zoom. You walk away with a one page plan that works for any and all platforms. It’s bespoke to your business and means you never have to think “What should I post?” again. It’s £95 for 2 hours and you can book it online.

Learn With Me: It normally starts with the 2 hour social media plan session as above. Then we meet weekly to create your Facebook and/or Instagram posts together.  As time progresses you learn how to use your existing stories and content to create engaging posts. Thus increasing, engagement, sales and growth of your audience. £45 an hour.

Let Me Do It For YouI support a number of businesses by creating and scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts for them. This varies from person to person. For some I use existing content and repurpose it for others I create content from scratch. It can be daily posts or just a few times a week it’s up to you. The cost is deliberately bespoke to each person an example could be £195 a month for 7 posts a week.

Facebook Group Moderation: Keeping a Facebook Group going requires a lot of effort I know. It’s important to create conversations. There’s often a need for a good deal of admin and moderation which can take business owners away from what they really need to do. That’s where I come in. Cost is £35 an hour.

General Tech Support: Sometimes all you need is to solve a couple of technical problems with Facebook or Instagram and I can do this too. I also help with WordPress Websites, Gmail, ConvertKit, membership sites, Newsletters and so on. Most things you want to do digitally. And I offer a customer service support answering emails on your behalf. For one off problems its £35 an hour and in my experience most things are easily resolved within that time frame. It’s a minimum of an hour and I charge in 15 minute increments after that. For more project work and research it’s between £35-£45 an hour depending on what’s required. We’ll have a chat first anyway so you will be given a quote before deciding if you want to go ahead.

I know that every business is born from passion.  A desire to make the world a better place, to offer a product or a service that can help others or something that will make them smile. I work with dedicated people who love their business and work hard to make it shine.

Most people start with a 15 minute chat to find out more, which I prefer. You want to know who you are working with right? So lets talk first. Find a time which suits you here.


Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Graham Dunwell says:

    Digital Annie provides a professional and friendly service. I found the training engaging and informative. As a business, we took on this additional social media training because we are aware with a lot of life online these days we want to make sure we stand out from the crowd with our unique voice. Thank you, Annie.

    Annabel Hallam says:

    I had a 2 hour social media training session with Digital Annie and it was brilliant! I learnt so much and it was tailored to my very novice level! I really enjoyed it and now feel confident and enthusiast about promoting our businesses on social media. I highly recommend Digital Annie, money well spent! Many thanks.

    Lorna Rattray says:

    The session with Anna was fantastic. Anna gave us lots of information and advice and the time flew by. Thank you so much Anna.

    Adele Clare says:

    I had a fantastic social media session with Digital Annie. She really took the time to understand my business and the areas I was struggling with. I have come away from the session having learnt so much, she gave me some brilliant tips and advice which I can’t wait to start doing and put into practice. I would highly recommend Digital Annie.

    Susan Bromwich says:

    The first session with Anna was really well structured and in the time together we went through all the elements we need to think about to have a successful social media plan be put in place. Anna offered great examples of the types of posts, apps and events that would be suitable for us and we look forward to exploring our working relationship further once we finish our homework and submit to Digital Annie to review.

    Kerry Wood says:

    I contacted Anna after having difficulty getting back onto my business Facebook page. Anna was able to sort out the problem within 30 minutes and it has literally made a huge difference to my time spent posting on social media and already our number of followers has increased – and we have received orders as a direct response to Facebook posts. I would heartily recommend Anna’s expertise if you need similar help. says:

    I have had a few hourly sessions with Anna as well as the 2 hour media session which I have found incredibly valuable. I didn’t know where to start with Facebook and Instagram but Anna has really help focus me in the right direction and help me put a plan in place whilst gaining insight into how these platforms work. Thank you Anna

    Louise O'Neill says:

    We recently had a 2 hour consultation with Digital Annie as we needed some fresh input with regards to our social media activities. It was amazing and the best investment we have made in marketing in a long time. Anna had lots of really great advice, tips and information for us. If you have a SME and need support or advice with your social media activities you need to book an appointment with Digital Annie.

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