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Davies Chiropractic Care 180a Heaton Moor Road Heaton Moor Stockport SK4 4DU

We are a team of 3 highly qualified Chiropractors (Sam, Kate and Kathryn) who specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a range of musculoskeletal problems including back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, sports injuries and pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain.

After studying for 4 years at the University of Glamorgan, we all qualified with a degree in Chiropractic. Although we all had different reasons for wanting to become chiropractors, we each have the same patient-centred working ethic – our aim is to get our patients better as quickly as possible in the most effective way.
Treatments are safe and effective and include;

• Spinal manipulative therapy
• Joint mobilisation
• Soft Tissue Techniques (Deep Tissue   Massage, Trigger point therapy, stretching techniques, acupuncture)
• Home rehabilitation

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Zoe Oughton says:

    I saw that Sam had been recommended quite a few times on the Gossip Girls and so having suffered with Sciatica since last Summer , decided to pay her a visit. My 4th session is next Monday and wow – what a difference it is making! I went away for the weekend last weekend and managed 26,000 steps on Saturday, virtually pain free! Thanks Sam!

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