“Exercise the mind and body”. Private weight loss & fitness training with Connect3 PT.

Cheadle Hulme

At Connect3 PT we don’t believe in training to be skinny. It’s not about being what someone else says we should be. It’s about feeling confident, strong and healthy to attack every day with positivity and happiness. The feeling of empowerment away from our private studio is key! If we can feel good in this world, then we are one step closer to living our best life.


We will be 100% flexible with your needs, support you away from the studio, put together home workouts for those dreary days when you don’t want to venture out keeping you on track, build easy to follow programme cards for the time you spend in the gym/other fitness establishments and give you guidance on nutrition to support the hard work you put in-we will even study the dinner menu and help you make the right choice!!!

Work together:

Connect3 PT will work with you to put together the best programme. It’s important to discuss your likes and dislikes in order to build the best working relationship and exercise choices for you. We will track your fitness journey keeping you motivated and always guide you to beat each goal we set.

Connect3 Personal Training adopts scientific and evidence based programmes.

The Optimum Performance Training Model – ‘OPT’ supports each individual no matter what stage of your exercise journey you may be at. This fitness training system we have qualified in gives everyone the opportunity to advance through several training phases be it novice or advanced and still find success in each programme they choose to undertake. Based on scientific evidence and principles the elements of this model can help shape your goals, overall health and performance.

As a fully certified NASM personal trainer I promise to:

-Build programmes ONLY suitable for each individuals goals

-Provide nutrition advice to support the hard work in the studio

-Be on hand 7 days a week with workout tips and recipe/snack ideas

-Build ‘homework’ plans for time spent away from the studio to work out from home/gym

-Conduct programme analysis to track goal setting- weigh-ins, regular measurements, progress reviews.

Why train the Connect3 way?

“If you live and breath it, you might as well work it”

Here at Connect3 PT we want to build a great working relationship; trust and friendship is a strong foundation for success! Something we are great at.

Support continues way beyond the 60 minutes spent in our private gym

We work independently; each client is valued the same as the one before

We use brand new clean and updated equipment.

If you prefer to train with a buddy and share the burn then partner up for just an extra £10 per session

I look forward to adding an extra spark in our personal training community!

Connect3 PT – Practice what you preach!!!


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