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When you bring a dog, or multiple dogs, into your family you embark on a journey together. Our goal at companion’s trail is to help guide you on that journey using positive game based concept training.

At companion’s trail dog training we believe the best way to help humans and dogs is through developing simple, fun, engaging and successful plans that are specific to the dog/human team and behaviour struggle. We’ll only ever use positive, reward based training and will develop plans that fit into your existing life and schedule.

At companion’s trail we offer:

One to One Training Sessions – our training sessions are specific to you and your dog. Once we fully understand your goals we’ll work with you on a training plan. Each exercise or game will be explained and after each session you’ll receive a detailed training plan with step by step guidance. You’ll also have direct access after your session to follow up, ask questions and check understanding.

Hoopers – we offer both group classes and 1 to 1 Hoopers sessions. Hoopers is a dog sport similar to agility where we use hoops, barrels and tunnels to create fast, fun courses for our dogs. With no impact through jumping or weaving it’s suitable for all ages of dogs, from puppies through to seniors. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your dog that promotes confidence, optimism, focus, engagement and the ability to listen while working/excited, this is the class for you!

Mantrailing/Pettrailing – imagine using your dog’s nose to find lost people and pets! Through our Trailing sessions we teach our dog/human teams to follow scent to find the ‘lost’ person or dog. Not only is this the best game of hide and seek ever for your dog it also helps develop focus, confidence and teamwork. These sessions are suitable for all dogs, including dogs that can be nervous or reactive around dogs and people. In fact, helping our dogs develop their awesome ability to sniff and follow scent can actually help our more sensitive canines.

Marilyn Gilchrist, owner of companion’s trail dog training, started learning about dog behaviour six years ago when rescue dog Lola came into her life. Developing fear aggression towards dogs after being attacked, Marilyn started researching in earnest about how best to help Lola and a passion in dog training and behaviour developed. Since then other rescues arrived with various behaviour struggles and Marilyn’s knowledge and passion grew. Attending courses and gaining qualifications with Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training, IMDT, Canine Principles & Dog Training College it was when Marilyn became a Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs that she decided to open her own business, companion’s trail dog training. Since then Marilyn has become an instructor with Canine Hoopers World and is working with renowned international trailing company Pettrailer with her partner dog, staffie Scout to become a lost dog search team, in addition to completing the year long, advanced instructor course.

Companion’s trail dog training covers South Manchester, Cheshire & Stoke areas in person and also offers an online service.

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