Semi permanent Makeup Artist, enhancing eyebrows with Microblading and shading techniques.

Unit 6, Suite A, 3 hawthorn Lane (2nd floor) Inside of Bodyline clinic. Wilmslow, UK. SK9 1AA

Enhancing eyebrows with semi permanent makeup!

Wake up every morning with perfectly shaped natural looking eyebrows. Well-shaped eyebrows can balance overall shape of yor face, and help you look younger and fresher.

Microblading is the new beauty staple to create the most natural and hyper realist brows, is a semi permanent makeup technique that uses a special hand tool with nano-needles to draw on individual hairs one at a time, the pigment is implanted under epidermis. It’s a meticulous process that takes about two hours to complete.

Shading is the most wanted brow treatment rigth now, is a brazilian technique done with machine to create a soft powdered brow where the tail is dark and gradually blends into a ligther. Is a technique which looks like daily soft makeup done with eyebrow shadow.

Shading line is a fusion of two techniques Microblading+shading for a hyper realistic result strokes added and powder effect, for clients who prefer fuller result. Brazilian technique.


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