Beautiful Scentsations Independent Scentsy Consultant (Director)

Unique Scentsy warmers use a heating element to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximising its fragrance time. Safe, reasonably priced, and decorative, there is no wick, no flame, and no soot. They are perfect for use in homes, offices, schools, daycare centerswherever fragrance can help to enhance, enliven, and inspire.

 Refresh your home with Scentsys authentic wickless candles. Simply break off portions of your favourite Scentsy Bars and add them to a warmer for long-lasting fragrance! Our high-quality, fragrant wickless candles come in 80 scents. View all scents or simply message me and I will post or leave samples for you to smell and pass to friends/family.

Our Customer Reviews Review Business

    Angela says:

    I’ve purchased a couple of burners from Janet, they are fab, highly recommended:-)

    Tracy Bradbury says:

    Janets products are ACE!!! The delivery is quick and the ordering process is easy too. I love my scentsy products and have them all over the house

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