Alison Mumford - 1:1 Diet with Cambridge Weight Plan

Alison Mumford 1:1 Diet with Cambridge Weight Plan

20 Thaxted Drive, Offerton, SK2 5XH

Having the 1 to 1 support in my own weight loss journey with CWP was a massive help to me. It took the embarrassment away. I felt so horrible about myself, my body and how I looked in June 2019 when I returned from my holiday that I decided enough was enough. I was so overwhelmed with the fast results it empowered me and motivated me to get to my goal weight. I have two children so a 20min weekly appointment with fast results fitted perfectly with the rest of my life. I now have a consultation room in my home, where you can relax and talk privately and in complete confidence. Let me help you the way my consultant helped me. Being in it together, with support, guidance and the right products makes a whole world of a difference to the results you can achieve.

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