Rose Walker Community Centre, Essex Avenue, Cheadle Heath SK3 0JA

Open to the public for drop in from 4th March 2022.

Friendly Fridays is a community drop centre open to all ages* every Friday from 10 am – 3 pm at the Rose Walker Community Centre.  Entry is free (donations are welcomed), drinks and snacks are available for 50p. Fruit Squash and biscuits are free.

*Vulnerable adults and children under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a supervising and suitable adult.

The best way to imagine Friendly Fridays is to envisage a large family lounge with a garden. There are board games, jigsaws, games consoles, books, magazines, art supplies, craft supplies, comfy arm chairs, a kids play area, as well as tables and chairs. Directly at the back of the centre is a local park with plenty of space to run around in, park benches, a football pitch area and children’s playground.

Bi-monthly we have a lunch club (visit our website for specific dates) which is hosted by Manchester Occupational Therapy Services. It’s a two course home made lunch for £3.50 per person. During the other Fridays in the month we offer tea cakes or crumpets for 50p at 12.00. Visitors are welcome to bring their own packed lunch.

We operate a self serve refreshments area where you can make your own tea, coffee, purchase snacks etc. Just the way you would at home. Everything costs 50p except for orange/blackcurrant squash which is free and you can have a couple of biscuits to go with your brew of choice.

We welcome dogs on a lead who are happy with small crowds of people. We regularly have dog walkers drop in for a brew after they’ve been out for a walk. Our visitors enjoy the company of animals as they would in their own homes.

Friendly Fridays is open all year around and throughout the school holidays with exception of two weeks at Christmas (just to give our team a break). During school holidays we tend to put on more activity led events and you can find out more by visiting our Facebook page.

The Rose Walker Community Centre itself is fully accessible with ramps to the main entrance and out into the car. The centre has it’s own car park. There are bus stops nearby at the top of the road for services including, 312 and 11A.

At the core of Friendly Fridays are the 5 states of well-being; Give, Be Present, Connect, Be Active and Learn. Everything we do revolves around those 5 key elements. Bringing the community together, by creating the space and encouraging our visitors to participate in whichever activities they feel most comfortable doing.

Friendly Fridays UK is a community project run on behalf of The Cheadle Heath Community Association, which is a Registered Charity No. 1002266. Friendly Fridays is supported by a project team and volunteers. Please visit our website for more details about our “casual” and “core” volunteering opportunities. Our supplies are provided by community donations and funding.


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